Contortion Foundations: Mixed Level

Learn the foundations of contortion training and increase your flexibility! This workshop goes back to the basics; introducing you to the art of contortion training with safe and proper form, alignment and technique.  In this workshop, students will increase their contortion skill vocabulary and learn a multitude of techniques essential to increasing flexibility and learning the art of contortion. Through this workshop, students will learn to have a stronger awareness and connection between the body and the mind in order to more effectively stretch as well as execute contortion tricks. They will efficiently increase flexibility by utilizing unique and effective active, passive, and PNF exercises as well as learn functional strengthening exercises that are specific to contortion training. Hannah will also introduce students to her signature ‘Three Parts of the Back’ technique to help them access the flexibility they didn’t know that they had and then give them the tools to increase that flexibility utilizing correct contortion technique and alignment. The only pre requisite for this workshop is to hold a bridge (backbend) for 15 seconds.  This workshop is great for many different levels, from those just starting out to the super bendy, where Hannah will share her knowledge and experience about how to safely and successfully stretch to reach your flexibility and contortion goals.

Hannah Finn has been doing contortion all over the world for 13 years. Originally from Los Angeles, Hannah grew up performing at a high level at legendary venues such as the Greystone Mansion, and the Paramount Pictures lot. Hannah’s formative training took place all over including at Ecole Nationale De Cirque in Montreal for their summer program. Hannah has trained under such coaches as Karyne and Sarah Steben (Cirque Du Soleil), Otgo Waller, and Jenny & Sara Haglund (The Box, Ecole Nationale De Cirque) to name a few. In addition to teaching and performing she is also a director, and the creator of the contemporary circus company, Emotive Circus Arts. In Hannah’s classes and workshops, she provides a safe, effective, and quick way to increase flexibility and learn the art of contortion with the knowledge and expertise gained from so many years in the industry. Hannah has toured around the world teaching workshops at over 30 studios, and has a genuine passion for each students flexibility and contortion goals. What Hannah really aims to do with her contortion workshops is break things down for students no matter what level they are at, from beginner to professional contortionist. Hannah aims to help students get a better understanding of the art of contortion and their bodies. She does this by helping students access the flexibility they didn’t know that they had and then working to increase that flexibility utilizing correct contortion technique and alignment.


When: Sunday 3rd June     1-3pm
Price: £40
Places: min. 10, max. 20

Registration:  Book your spot online and make the payment through PayPal in the next link:
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Please, note that the workshop will not be refunded unless it is cancelled.