Customised, Embroidered CircusMASH American style Jacket.

Now this is one to really get excited about! You may have seen Joe & Zaq walking around in their new jackets, and for a while Zaq said he wanted them all for himself… ‘he had to keep up his style’ he said! Well… after being bombarded with requests he finally gave in and we’re opening these jackets up for a reward. This reward is up for grabs for £40.

You can choose to have your name on if you wish.


These jackets come in:
Kids Age 3-4
Kids Age 5-6
Kids Age 7-8
Kids Age 9-11
Kids Age 12-13
Adult XS
Adult S
Adult M
Adult L
Adult XL

They are purple and grey, with gold and purple embroidery. They should be with you by Christmas!

Remember, by donating to Operation Circus you are helping us to raise £15,000 to purchase a new rigging system for the space in Kings Heath. If you have any questions on this reward please email!

Operation Circus