Circus Residency

Circus Residency

Our circus residency programme gives children the opportunity to master a variety of circus skills and the chance to star in a community performance that will delve deep into their subconscious, unlocking their attitude, enforcing a strong belief of internal power to achieve the impossible. This in-depth performance programme builds confidence, self reliance & self esteem, character, positive attitudes, will power, determination and success. This is our most intensive, dynamic program ensuing great rewards for all involved.

How it works?
The programme runs for two weeks and is ran as an after school club. At the start of the week we come along and put the participants through a placement audition after which we cast each of the children into the show. The children will be required for one hour a day between 4pm and 8pm to rehearse their circus skill and on the last Friday of the programme in the day we will perform for the school, in the evening you better get the parents ready for something breathtaking.

Why not use this programme as a school fundraiser?
Request some information on how you can make this money back and more!

As we drive circus in Birmingham we continue to build relationships with schools and youth groups all over the city. If you are interested in bringing in circus or having a chat with us, please get in touch.