Hullabaloo (Show/Workshops)

Hullabaloo (Show/Workshops)


Commotion, fuss, noisy situation… A beautiful display of organised chaos! This 2-hour outdoor experience will entice, amaze and engage audience members in vibrant displays of circus, senses and nonsense!

 #joinTHEnoise by entering Hullabaloo’s challenges, which blend a series of circus tasks with performances, culminating in an event where game meets grandiose. Amongst the bustle of performances and frivolity, the multi-sensory experience will guide participants through a range of skills: coordination, equilibrium and aerial. It’s colourful and explosively vibrant world makes it perfect for family days or community events that you want to get involved in circus actvity.

Workshops, Performance, Games, Spectacle, Extravaganza! Duration: Two Hours 
Available Outdoor or Indoor (10m x 10m required)  Download PDF here

Hullabaloo can be adapted to suit your budget so give us a call and we’ll get together a proposal for you! 


Jewellery Quarter Festival- July 2016

CoCoMAD Festival- July 2016

Kings Heath Festival- August 2016