CirqueStars Performance

Level: Level 2+
Price: £90 (Full term only)
Location: CircusMASH, All Saints Centre, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7RA


CirqueStars is our performance programme where we focus on story telling through circus. Youth will be cast into an act where they will train and devise a piece that will be showcased in performance at the end of term. We invite 18 students to train in ground and aerial circus disciplines and perform an original piece of circus at the end of term. Students will only be accepted onto the programme at the beginning term and are expected to attend all training sessions. We are strict on this because without them it’s hard to build a show. 

 (With prior assessment through our other classes we are able to take 7 year olds onto this programme, but they must do a term with us on our other classes and be suitable for this programme. Email for details on this).

Please note that Summer Term is only 6 weeks long. An informal showing of creation will be performed on the final week. 

Start: Sunday 22nd April 2018
End & Performance Date: Sunday 27th May 2018

Term: £90.00
(Drop in not available for this class)
 Time: 11.00am-2.00pm
Age: 8-17yrs         BOOK YOUR SPOT HERE  

Sibling Discount code available for double bookings (siblingdiscount)
What to wear: Something tight fitting that covers knee’s, armpits and midriff. No Zips, jeans, stick out buttons or sequins. Training shoes.
What to bring: Water bottle & packed lunch
Parents in the space: We don’t allow parents to stay during CirqueStars. We want to surprise you with our performance 🙂 

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