FREE Circus Taster/Assessment (Thursday 4pm) 5-15Yrs

Level: Level 1
Price: Free
Location: CircusMASH, All Saints Centre, Kings Heath, Birmingham, B14 7AG

Our free assessment sessions happen four times a term and it is for us to meet your young one, and give them an introduction to circus. We’ll assess what level they are at and can advise on which class is best for them if they are interested in continuing circus after their taster session. 

This term our taster sessions are on: September 28th (4) October 19th (4pm) November 16th (4pm) & December 7th (4pm)

Level one development class introduce students to four different types of discipline. Aerial, balance, hand-eye coordination & acro. Level one is intended to build a strong foundation and technique, which is needed at our higher level classes.
Level two, we continue technical training at a higher level but have an emphasis on movement.
Level three, we continue technical training over all circus disciplines and integrate movement and story telling. 
Development classes are more structured to maximise potential for progression, recreation class is focused around play. Please drop us an email at should you have any specific questions.

We also offer a circus recreation class, which may be a lighter alternative to our development classes.  We can let you know during assessment if this class would be suitable for your child.

Here is a sneak peek into our Level 1 sessions… 


Dates: 28th September, 19th October, 16th November, 7th December
Time: 4pm-5.15pm
Participants will only be able to attend one free session. 

What to wear: Something tight fitting that covers knee’s, armpits and midriff. No Zips, jeans, stick out buttons or sequins. Training shoes.
What to bring: Water bottle
Parents in the space: We are not opposed to parents staying during class, but from experience we find children are more focused without parents around. If you are worried we do suggest you staying for the first couple of weeks of term until you feel they are settled. Kings Heath has lots of great cafe’s and shopping. Make the most of it 😉