Trapeze with Gaynor Godiva

Single Point, Double and Triple Trapeze with Gaynor Godiva of Circus Vogue.
Gaynor Final
Saturday 16th of April, 1:30pm to 5:30pm
Price is £40
Spaces: 10
In this 4 hour workshop, you will explore your choice in Trapeze whether spinning on the Single Point Dance Trapeze or perhaps working with someone on Doubles Trapeze. We will also be rigging our Triple Trapeze, a 3 sectioned trap bar, so you will be able to explore working in synchronistic bliss with other participants. You are welcome to book on this workshop as a pair or with a group, or come along and fly solo!

Gaynor Godiva is one of the UK’s leading Aerial Trainers and Choreographers and has over twenty years experience teaching and choreographing Aerial and has always pioneered Contemporary Circus which is reflected in her work. Although she is multi-faceted and talented in an array of disciplines, she has a particular speciality in forms of Trapeze.Link to Reflection