We need some help…

We need some help…

Volunteers Needed: 

Hello Darlings! Every year we love to boogie on down and create a winter show. This year we are taking a step back to then. That time you remembered that you ‘had one of those’. With fabulous inspiration from ‘I Had one of those’ on York Rd we are ready to open those curtains once again. We are looking for some volunteers to help make this magic happen. Please shoot us an email if you are able to help out.

 Dates: 14th Dec. Dress Run (6pm-9pm) , 15th Dec. Show (7pm) 16th Dec. (3pm & 7pm)

  • Chaperones (Must be DBS checked)
  • General Volunteers (Tickets on door, Helping to seat people)
  • Refreshment Sellers
  • Clean-Up Crew (Saturday night after the show)

Have you any of these items we can borrow for the show?

  • Ken Dolls (As many as we can get)
  • 5 x Old school Dial Telephone with coily leads
  • Rubix Cubes (As many as we can get
  • Yo Yo’s
  • Old Records/Lp’s (20)
  • Pop Corn Buckets (Old school red & white striped ones)
  • Portable (Battery Powered) Casette boom box/player
  • Guess Who Game/Old retro board games/mini- twister game
  • Type Writers
  • Old Looking Suitcases
  • Old Fashioned Lamps Shades. The bigger the better!
  • 5 x Steering Wheels
  • Any old picture frames.


A fizzy step back to a time you recall, a place or a thing or a figure 8 ball, From the top of the clock to the back of the time, she presents herself through the art of the rhyme. When he leaves and they’ve gone and she’s all by herself, at that stint of that place when it fell off the shelf…