Well done this week guys! Was lovely to see so many break throughs in terms of strength and skill. Lets start with the fantastic Malcolm in adult Cirquestars… swinging his way to the CircusMASH ceiling as he trains in Cloud Swing. Be sure to come and see the rest of what he has been working on in Retrograde this December.

We finally have got lots of records! We picked up 200 Lps this week so we had lots of fun hanging them all over our pieces of equipment to see what happened when we spun them… they sure did cause a dazzle. As they did also when the youth group added them into their choreography…

This week we’d like to introduce you to Lizzi. Lizzi is our aerial trainer and is working with both the youth and adult group to develop their doubles trapeze skills. A huge shout out to all of your double trap people for working through that pain… you will absolutely have something amazing to show for it in December. Here is Lizzi strutting her stuff in the air!


Next week we have ‘Conditioning & Choreography’ so we are very excited to push that strength an stamina even further. It is such a beautiful atmosphere of collected learning in the space. From us all here at CircusMASH, it is a pleasure to teach you all and we are so excited to be helping to develop circus in Birmingham!

Until next week. Lots of love… and sit ups.