beyond discovery


We are a Centre for Advanced Training scheme partner of the National Centre for Circus Arts which puts talented young circus performers into funded training for 18+ hours a week. Auditions are held every year.

The Foundation Stage

Beyond the Discovery stage, any students that are ready to move on to a more focused path into circus can join our FOUNDATION stage. 

At Foundation Stage, youth start to specialise in one or two skills and focus their energy on skill progression. They have the opportunity to try new and innovative apparatus and skills as they build towards shows.

Students are assessed each term and if we feel they have the focus and/or skills to move into our Foundation programme, we’ll let you know. Foundation students are able to audition for Bfourteen Troupe and The Birmingham Youth Circus Shows that go out and perform in the community. 

technical skill building

Everyone will have a personal plan. We work with participants individually to set goals and develop strength, flexibility, technical skill and keep a healthy mind and body. 

If we have any new members wishing to join CircusMash that are of an advanced level, we will assess this at one of our Discovery Taster Sessions, and get them enrolled at the right stage.

The birmingham youth circus


Members are encouraged to think outside of the box technically and creatively.

They research and develop their personal acts and have opportunities for showcase and feedback. We create a collaborative environment for learning where everyone feels valued.

Current students will be invited to audition to join the BYC. If you are not currently a student at CircusMash but would like to audition, please book onto a Discovery Taster Session to show us what you have.

How do I become part of BYC?

We audition Foundation Stage Students each year for places in shows. 

If you’re at Discovery Stage, talk to us about what you need to do to build the fundamental skills you need to move up into Foundation. 

It is important to know that BYC is a commitment in the run up to your show and participants must attend every session. If you’re a new student and you already have lots of experience and think you should be part of the BYC, register to audition for our next show.  

When does BYC happen?

If you audition for a show and place, you will need to attend Sunday rehearsal sessions in the run up to your show. This will incur an additional monthly charge for one more class. 

BYC Uniform

As a troupe performing out in the community, we require all performers to have a BYC Varsity. 


Bfourteen is a musical circus troupe that grew out of Lockdown2020 and is organised in partnership with Class Act Theatrix. Along side Bfourteen Choir (ran by CAT), CircusMASH runs Bfourteen AcroDance for youth 9+. Participants work towards shows that Bfourteen Choir & AcroDance perform at together.

How do I become part of Bfourteen AcroDance?

The prerequisite for this troupe is that participants are able to do a front and back walkover. If you meet the requirements please drop us an email If you would like to join.

If you are not currently a student at CircusMash but would like to join Bfourteen AcroDance, please drop us an email