Tonight we did our second volunteer training session… We’re training up a bunch of circus buddies to help spread the circus love from our gorgeous home at All Saints Centre in Kings Heath. You heard it… Kings Heath’s very own circus school. We’ve been tucked away behind the church for the last 7 years. 

Before reading any further you need to learn our motto. ‘Dream way too big and forget not your purpose but live every day like your life is a circus’

Here are 5 ways myself and three coaches (Raquel, Rhian & Jen) along side our two trainee Circus Buddies (Femi & Laura) pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zones tonight and used circus to balance out our week. On the menu was walking globe (a big waking ball), stacking RolaBola (Cylinders we stacked and climbed) Stilts, lots of tricks and a bunch of energy filled creativity. We invite you to join us next month!


If you’re feeling down or your Thursday night needs that extra zhoosh… do the Cupid Shuffle on stilts.
Final Thursday of the month is Circus Buddy Training Day! Come along. Become a volunteer! 


Ask everyone around you to step outside of their comfort zone, be creative, be vulnerable, be scared and try something that you will fail at so many times that when you succeed the lessons will spill so far into your life that you will find a new you! Wow! Mouthful! 


Fear is only fear until you figure out how to literally breath through it. It’s been over 15 years since I stacked rola bola… tonight I stacked three and whipped my ass up there. I was scared… it happened! Raquel casually hopped on Rhian’s shoulders (as you do) and Rhian hopped onto her cylinder! 


When you know you are going to fall… do it anyway. Again. And again. We seen some fabulous flying through the air onto the Mat from Femi tonight as he navigated the Walking Globe! He brushed it off, stepped back up and what was amazing to see was his resilience. Never give up! Always strive to achieve your impossible. 


Juggling teachers us to multitask, balancing on top of something impossible teaches us focus, taming a diabolo teaches us to be adaptable and learning as a group gives us human connection. We shared in creating a supportive environment where we all felt comfortable to step outside of our comfort zone and push ourself somewhere new.

This week we’ll take everything we learned subconsciously into our week and be the best version of ourselves we can be. 

always remember

Dream way too big and forget not your purpose but live every day like your life is a circus.
We hope to see you on the next Circus Buddies Training Day. Email to come along!