Well that’s it! We can hardly believe it’s over!

Over the last 28 days we have managed to raise £3970 from 68 backers! We want to say a massive thank you to those who have pledged and are continuing to support our campaign, and those who have become as involved as we were in the process. We have had a fantastic four weeks, and three months prior to the start of the launch. We will continue to raise the rest of the money to get to our goal of £15,000 as we move forward but we have a fab start and will be getting on building small pieces of this rigging system so expect to see some changes in the space over the next couple of months!

Here is our Name and Fame list! A huge thank you to you all!!!!

Ben & Aneke Loader
Miki Suenabien
Carys Nicholls
Charlotte & Julia Perkins
Francisco Curro
Zoe Hughes
Yeliz Tanis
Nicolette Morgan
Amahra Spence
Frankie Pedley
Usman Amin
Ella Wainright
Charlie Hind
Liz Tabberer
Dawn Lesley
Loretta Hope
Joanne Higgitt
Carley Narr
Karissa Davis
Paulette Arochena
Nerina Orton
Laura Watts
Sangre Cilla
Russell Potts
Andy Reeve
Haggui Guapo
Josephine Unwin
Halo Garrity
Nadya Wall
Nicola Scott
Annaliese Morgan
Janet Bright
Angela Thur
Julia Gross
Frankie Pedley
Allison Bradley
Alisa Waninge
All of Raquel San Gregorio’s friends and family in Spain that have forwarded their monies onto Raquel to donate on their behalf.
Suze Seyer
David Sifford
Cositas Infieltradas
Grace  Richardson-Vokes
Nicky Sunn
Sophie King
Andrew Aston
Claire Gilliam
The whole Penhallurick family (Andy, Fiona, Beth & Evie)
Josie Byrne
Katie Jelly
Pui Pang
Valarie Hampton
Bonnie Melody
Danni Fisher
Steff Affleck
Steve & SJ, Poppy & Carter Wilson
Jo Unwin
Aaron Twitchen
Emma Richardson
Halo Garrity
Jon Garrity
Kate Kavanagh
Liz Tabberer
Megean Mekins
Michelle Diaz
Malcolm Sweet
Raquel San Gregorio
Alice Field
Kirstie B
Astrid Vogit
V Patel
Sarah Yorke

And to all of the performers, branders, videographers, costume suppliers,  volunteers, word spreaders and everyone in between.
Beth Sykess- Performer
Jade Tinkler-Performer
Matt Jones-Performer
Liz Tabberer-Performer
Lisa Darcy-Performer
Zaq Andel- Performer
Valarie Hamilton- Performer
Miki Reghellin- Performer/Workshop Leader
Rachel Conlisk- Performer
Charlie Oakton-Performer
Krissy Lewer- Performer
James Reader (Videography)
Hannah Tidd @ Tiger Bam Comms (Branding)
Andy Moore (Costuming)
Photographers (Louise Williams/Samantha Lawson)
Code Red Entertainment
Butterfingers Juggling supplies
Marketing Birmingham
What’s On Live
Loretta Hope- Social Media
Laura Witwer- Circus Blogger
Kate Kavanagh- Circus Blogger
National Centre for Circus Arts
Big Centre TV
Birmingham Mail
HEM Life Community Paper
BBCWM & The Dan Kelly Show

Please accept big apologies if I have forgotten anyone… we demand that you email us right away so we can get you on this list! joe@circusmash.co.uk.