Today marks the final 1722nd day that CircusMASH has been running. It started very simply with very few classes and over the past (almost) five years we have come so far and the company has started to take hold of itself and understand who it is and where it is going. It is important to add that it has been the community that has grown this company and not only just us who run it. We have been influenced by the support and ideas of everyone around us and it is at this stage right now where we can officially say we understand the identity of CircusMASH and what the future has in store… and through blood sweat and tears we have learned how to now make this happen.


As we move forward it is very important for us to  know that we are securing a future for generations of community circus goers, companies and circus in the Midlands. The more we have delved into the arts, the more we understand that money can be a huge issue.  All of the money that is generated by CircusMASH is reinvested straight back into circus in the Midlands to help build, grow and get us on the map! We very much hold a profit free ethos. For us, it is important to build a self sustaining community company that doesn’t heavily rely too much on external funding to run. The core of the company needs to be able to run itself as we’re not sure what the future holds, and we like to do things our way.

Over the next three years we will be focusing our attention on :

  • developing the educational side of circus through the Midlands, inside and outside of the national curriculum.
  • developing the training we offer and how that can progress towards further and higher level training around the country and internationally.
  • how we can truly make our outreach programmes make a difference within the community.

As you all know we love circus over here and want to use this art form in every way we can to make every difference possible. We teach people every day to reach far beyond that of what you think is achievable, and we do exactly that with circus. The art form has a long way to go, but the future is where it is at and rest assured… we will be here in the Midlands hammering away at every door making your circus in Birmingham bigger and better! Now go and grab a party popper and let it off… and help us spread the word by telling one friend about CircusMASH!

Here’s to the future!