Welcome to this weeks blog, readers! I hope your looking forward to hearing about what we did this week, as much as we enjoyed the experience ourselves!

So, what did we do THIS week?

To start of the day of this week we had Kat return to work with us. We focused on Handstand ‘bread and butter’. We learnt different ways of how to enter a handstand properly and also how to spot one another. I enjoyed doing this as it is great conditioning and a good skill to have.

                      Kat Cirq – Aerial & Handstand Instructor

After this we did another theatre task. We were given a script and we had to choose a word from the long list of words to do with our show. As a group we had to make the word fit to the script and perform it. We made a scene out of the script using layers of vocals, props, characterisation and also humor/other styles of emotion/characterisation. Carrying on from the task we had to put our theme with a circus act. My groups word was misfit so for my script I used humour. Then when I moved onto trapeze I adjusted my character to a dark witch with the same idea of scene but a different kind of misfit…

            In my happy place – on a trapeze!

For the last part of the day we had Nate  come in and do a physical theatre movement workshop with us. We made movement created by different body parts for example our ear, hand and belly. We were given two themes , steeling and selling. We had to create four counts of eight movements individually and perform them as a group. Then we had to teach them to others as well as learn theirs and put them together as a routine. We made a scene out of all the movements by putting tables out set in a market with music.

Thats all for this week – thank you for reading!

I hope you enjoyed reading about what we have been up to!

– Annie E Wilson