Hello everyone! I hope you’re excited to hear how we got on this week…has it been 5 weeks already? Read on!

What we did this week!

This week we focused on show creation. Our tasks set all had a purpose towards it , for example we were all given random objects and we had to make a individual performance to try and sell this item using imagination , pressure and characterisation/setting. We had things from a piece of paper , to a screw to a water bottle. Everyones performances were great especially the ones that got audience involved. Lots of the performances were full of humour/dodgy sellers and others were very dark serious sellers for example “you will buy this”

Focusing back on different types of shows like sound no vision and sound and vision, we had another task set to do which was to create a piece of carnival atmosphere , with a comparison or creepy carnival and a cheerful carnival . Everyones groups were great especially the creepy carnival as there was lots of abstract sounds , minor chords and spooky voices.

Our next task was with Joe and it was about what makes a show and all the different roles. This was a very useful  task to get everyone thinking about what goes on to make a show in all aspects like onstage jobs eg: Performers and bands and backstage like prop makers , choreographers , set design , directors , producers and what the differences are.

We all wrote on many different post it notes of what we think is involved in making a show and we stuck them into sections and categories. This was helping us get an idea of what sort of roles BYC members might have in our shows.

What next?

To finish of the day we had Pilates to relax and strengthen our muscles. I have noticed a difference in everyone’s progress over the weeks which is encouraging to see how good it is for our bodies. Thanks Steff!

Thats all for this week, thank you for reading ! I hope you enjoyed reading about what we have been up to!

Annie E Wilson