Birmingham Youth Circus : Week One !

Hello fellow circus people!

My name is Annie and I am a student at CircusMASH. I am now going to be your weekly columnist for Birmingham Youth Circus. I am going to be updating you each week on what we have been up to in BYC!

So what have we been up to this week?

This was the first week of BYC so we all weren’t quite sure what to expect! We had lots of different tasks set to do and everyone seemed to enjoy it as well as challenging themselves.


To start of the session we had the amazing Kat for conditioning where everyone challenged themselves on the floor and in the air! We then moved onto creating Christmas show ideas, and each group had to pitch their ideas. They were all very creative and had good stories, images and visions behind them. We then had to create a 3 minute piece to represent what these ideas could be transformed into with a piece of music given to us. The students used all kinds of creative and artistic elements such as Aerial, Contortion, Acrobatics, Dance, Juggling, Staff and Improvisation.

To finish the day off we had Steff (Steff to come and teach us some strengthening pilates exercises. This seemed to go down well with everybody, it was enjoyable but also challenging at times. For example balancing in a way you maybe don’t normally.

Pilates is a great form of exercise, especially for circus performers because it is designed so we don’t get injured, but also it strengthens  your muscles and increases your flexibility. We loved it!

This weeks interviewee: ALTHEA 

“So Althea, how did you find Kat’s conditioning session are you feeling stronger?”

“Conditioning is always super hard but i am getting used to it from doing it in Kat’s other classes. Kat is a great teacher and has some inspirational speeches, as well as making us laugh.”

“How did you feel about having to create a pitch for the show?”

“ The pitching was interesting to see the different thoughts going through  everyone else’s heads, and also how similar a lot of the artistic themes were. They were showing how we all think along the same lines to some extent.”

“Did you enjoy pilates and did you feel it  was useful to you?”

“ I really enjoyed pilates, doing intensive training it becomes increasingly clear how important injury prevention is and Steff’s classes feel so beneficial to our  bodies.”

“ Thanks Thea see you next week!”

So there you go guys, a jam packed fun but challenging week one. Stay tuned for next weeks blog to see what we have been up to!

Annie E Wilson