A huge thanks to those few that entered our game show week contest number one. There was only a few entries so a story wasn’t really gathered.. BUT NO FEAR! CircusMASH is here and we are going to take your lines, crumble them up and make some sense of them. Here goes…

There once lived a guy with a purple hat who refused to wear anything blue. He enjoyed most things, but mostly loved a good brew. One afternoon he went strolling in the wood lands to find some firewood to keep the new CircusMASH space warm, he was good at finding things. He came across a wood cutter wearing a blue coat, instantly put off he ignored his desire to ask the wood cutter where he could get some dry wood as Milly and the rest of the gang’s toes had stated to freeze up back at CircusMASH HQ… The autumnal sun and looking for fun days had now gone.  It was turning December after all.  

As the hours passed and the guy in the purple hat continued to search for wood, the wood cutter in the blue coat stumbled across a circus with an aerialist and an acrobat who welcomed him in. The woodcutters fingers had frozen… just like the aerialists toes had. Never before in his days had he seen such wonder. He made himself at home and set up shop. As the days went by the guy in  the purple hat was no where to be seen and worry was kicking in for his friends. 

Five days later the man in the purple hat arrived home, drawn, tired and in desperate need of food. Left over Halloween sweets were left on reception and he helped himself to an array of what was left. Jelly babies. He loved to eat jelly babies. Getting some energy back his friends gathered around to try to keep him warm. He was too tired to notice that the wood cutters blue coat had been placed around him to give him warmth. 

As his body started to come alive again, he realised that his refusal to ever wear anything blue was something that held so tightly to his mind, it affected his whole life. That day, he became a new man… and blue refusals was a thing of the past. He curled up on the mat, and as they say… that was the end of that! 

A huge thanks to the contributors of this story!
Jennifer Spillman Aston
Loretta Hope
Janet Bright (A huge thanks to your very large contribution to the story- but you only have one entry into the hat 🙂
Ella Wainwright

Out of the four entries the winner was selected out of a hat was JANET! Well done lady! Your class will be added to your account!