CircusMASH’s youth programme is designed to nurture young talents from the ground up, fostering both circus skills and personal growth in a supportive and vibrant community.

This blog post provides a detailed overview of how our youth classes operate, highlighting the various stages and opportunities available for young circus enthusiasts. From initial taster sessions to advanced training and performance opportunities, our programme is structured to accommodate and inspire students at every level.

We are passionate about seeing individuals grow in their circus skills and confidence; all whilst forming quality friendships within this wonderful and eclectic community.

Discovery Taster

To begin the journey with youth classes, we invite young people (5-17yrs) along with their guardians to a (free) Discovery Taster Session where they can try all forms of circus so we can assess their initial level. This then ensures that we enrol them at the correct stage. Discovery Taster Sessions are always FREE to attend, but we highly recommend booking them in advance. No guarantee of spaces ‘on the door’.

Discovery Classes

Discovery classes are our first level at CircusMASH. Each of these classes follow an annual program of three circus skills per term. This allows the students to cover a wide range of aerial, balance & coordination skills. There is a big emphasis on play and having fun as people discover a passion for training in circus. There are also stamps that are given out for achieving new technique, having a positive attitude and being an encouraging ‘circus buddy’. Students work towards achieving their MASH10 skills for each circus discipline and, on top of all of that, there are termly opportunities to perform in spectacular community shows.

Foundation Audition

Any students that are ready to move onto a more focused path into circus can consider joining our Foundation stage. These students are assessed each term through an audition to see if they have the skills and focus to move up into the next level of training.

Foundation Classes

Foundation Classes include Aerial, Acrobatics, Conditioning and Flexibility, and more. The training is dedicated to building up a repertoire of skills whilst specialising in a specific circus discipline. Students at this level are able to audition for the Bfourteen Troupe and The Birmingham Youth Circus Shows that go out and perform in and around the community. If we have any new members wishing to join CircusMASH that are of an advanced level, we will assess this at one of our Discovery Taster Sessions, and get them enrolled on the right level

Further Progression

Birmingham Youth Circus (BYC)

The Birmingham Youth Circus (BYC) revolves around performance projects throughout the year. Foundation students are given the chance to audition for specific roles in these projects.

Once given a role, the expected commitment from the students will be for the duration of the project. The rehearsals take place on a Sunday afternoon at Creation Space (2 – 4pm) where there is devising, drama and performance training as well. Students continue in their other weekly classes to continue to improve skill and technique, bringing that to rehearsal room on Sunday afternoons.

Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) Scheme

CircusMASH has a partnership with the Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) Scheme – a year-long progressive training programme for young people from across the UK. This programme is available to participants aged 11 to 18 years who demonstrate exceptional potential in performing and circus arts. Successful applicants are provided with one year of free training. The National Centre for Circus Arts runs the circus strand of this scheme in partnership with their host school, the London Contemporary Dance School at The Place.

Private Training

There is the offer of private one-to-one tuition for students who wise to progress at a quicker pace. Please get in touch to learn more.

Open Space takes place on Thursdays 12-3pm. You must be 16 and over to book onto to train.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via

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