Hello All!

Day three and I’ve just checked we are on £1140- Wahoooo! I think the rewards are going down a treat and today we added another special one after everyone at the launch party complimented me on my new purple American style jacket! Here is a pic if you fancy getting one for yourself… You can even have your name embroidered on if you fancy it!


Today I have spent most of the day preparing for ‘Why Circus Week’ next week. We have followed three student stories and have lots of fun things to show you as well as a very exciting announcement about something we have been working on for the last two years that is finally coming to fruition… and no it’s not the space! It’s something else… Keep your eyes peeled!


Next week you’ll meet Katie who is 16 years old, she has just been accepted onto the National Centre for Circus Arts’ Centre for Advanced Training programme in which she has to meet a minimum number of 12 hours a week circus training, as well as intensive weeks at the National Centre every half term… in prep for higher education in circus arts. Only 5 girls around the country outside of London get this opportunity! Well done Katie.

You’ll meet Halo who is an amazing individual who became very ill with an incurable condition. She was paralysed from the cheekbones down, bed bound, and in a great deal of constant pain. She started to use a wheelchair, and taught herself to walk again and started the very slow and painful process of rebuilding her totally broken body. You can now will find her spinning around on the aerial hoop every Tuesday. She is truly inspirational.

You’ll also meet Lizzi, one of our instructors who started out with us as a student. Lizzi will show you if you work hard and continue to work to develop your skills you can become whoever you want to be! She has trained none stop from no experience at all and now performs all over the country.

I really can’t wait for the explosiveness of next week! Stay tunes recruits and please continue to support us!