Afternoon guys!

Hope you’re having a fab day so far. Day two is happening right now! I am so pleased to say that we have so far raised £765 and by end of the day tomorrow we want to double it! If you are planning on grabbing a reward please help us out by donating as soon as you can so we can stay on target for day 3!

I want to highlight our ‘A Nightmare at CircusMASH’ reward which is £25. 10.30-4pm… A full day for kids aged 8-16 of ghoulish games and spine chilling circus. Tuesday 27th October! Click here to donate and grab a spot on the day.

I spent most of yesterday trying to spread Operation Circus to as many people possible and getting the space ready for lasts nights launch party. BBC WM radio came out early in the morning with the Dan Kelly show, a reporter, Daz Hale came out to have a chat and try out the Trapeze. Have a guess how he got on?

Listen to the interview here:

After that myself, Raquel and Zaq started to tart up the space a little and Zaq made loads of food that went down a treat… All was gone apart from a little bit of dip he’d made which a I gladly shovelled in right before passing out.

The Circus Space

The little ones came around 5pm and had a blast as we ran aerial and balance workshops and then as the evening progressed more adults arrived. We had some fab performances by students and our trainers, workshops by our fabulous teachers in handstands, hula hooping and aerial, and of course lots of food and sweets to top up the energy we had lost from the workshops.

photo 1

A huge thanks to the brilliant Code Red Entertainment for the amazing fire display that they put on outside.


Here is 15yr old Beth who owned the crowd last night during her performance on the silks…

People turned out in amazing dress up to fit in with the ‘pin up’ theme and it was truly amazing to see the effort people had gone to! Please help us out on day two by donating or sharing and help us to make this as successful as it can be!