About a month ago we were absolutely thrilled to be chosen to be part of the National Youth Circus Event 2015, an event that has been running for the past six years where a number of Youth Circus’ spend a weekend together learning circus and meeting like minded people. We’d applied, and got given five spots for our youth and selected Beth, Alice, Katie, MacKenzie and Poppy, a group of five girls that relate to circus very much.

As soon as we’d heard that a showcase was to happen we jumped at the chance to create a performance that represented circus in Birmingham and the West Midlands region. Having been given a brief of ‘A Snapshot of us’ we decided that we’d play on the history of our town. Birmingham played a huge role in the Industrial Revolution and of course we had to go with that.

We have used the Industrial Revolution and the pollution that mastered the land as our stimulus and together with influences and input from youth members have put together a short performance to perform at the ‘Tea Party Cabaret’ at the NYCE 2015 along side other Youth Circus’ in the UK and the NCCA’s BTEC students.

In January we started our rehearsals and started choreographing the ground work, which soon influenced our characters and the starting points to our aerial movement. Over the last month we have put something together and are so excited to perform it at the NYCE. Our youth members, Beth, Alice, Katie, Mackenzie and Poppy have worked so hard to put this together.

Here is a sneaky peek…

Roll on the 13th-15th Feb!