Well, week 1 was a fabulous success! Here started the ‘Retrograde’ journey. If you don’t already know, Retrograde is our community winter show 2017 which will be created with our Sunday Cirquestars group over this term.

Week one was all about assessment of fitness level and a chance for the MASH crew to understand pre-existing skills, strength, fear levels and stamina. We put each group of adults and youth through various tasks to challenge their minds so we could cast them into an act…

A little glimpse into Adult assessment…

By far our favourite was stacking everyone on top of everyone else shoulders! Was brilliant to see some faces quickly facing a situation where they were pulled so far out of their comfort zone, but faced their fear head on and went for it.

We are really please to welcome all of the new adults and youth to CirqueStars this term. Some of them have come to us with absolutely no experience in circus at all and we can’t wait to give them their dose. Come and see them at the show in December.

Here are the Youth doing their thayng in week 1!

Until next week circus lovelies!