Week 2
Retrograde Creation with Adult & Youth CirqueStars

So, this past week the Mash crew casted 20 youth & 20 adult participants into a variety of acts that will feature in our show Retrograde in December. Each participant was given a specialist and a supporting skill to learn as well as 4 ‘accessory skills’ which include standing on a Rola Bola for three minutes, Juggling 3 balls, 10 times, standing on someone’s shoulders & a series of tricks on the Diablo.

Each term at Mash we have something called the CircusMASH Challenge. This is a series of tasks that ANYONE part of our community can partake in to win themselves (a hard to get) ‘I Completed the CircusMASH Challenge badge’. If you come to CM, and you haven’t checked out this terms challenge… get on it! You have until December.

So as part of our blog I want to introduce the Mash crew. This week we want to introduce you to Penny. Penny is the choreographer of Retrograde and each week she is working through the movement throughout the show. This week we were working on our ‘Rubix Cube’ number (Still need lots of Rubix cubes if anyone can borrow some to us until December- You will get them back safely!).


And here are the youth in week two creating their magic…