Training is in full swing now and exploration is getting exciting! A big shout out this week to our adult Cirquestars for pushing through your dizziness and not turning away from anything that we are throwing at you, and one to our Youth for being the most courageous group of young people we know.

We started journeying into a juggle dance this week… not only did we throw and catch a ball in every way we could around our body… we also had to lock down some choreography around it. Unlike our saucy tango last week, we opted for a much more gentle approach.

Adult Vs. Youth – Who is going to get there first? Competition is on guys… Who is going to be the first group for NO-ONE to drop… Check out both groups here:

Lunch time came and this happened. Look at those sleeping smiles… No where else would you find such a comfy happy place than the CircusMASH crash mats. This week we are introducing Katie… that’s her on the left… fighting for the blanket! She’s directing the theatre in RETROGRADE.


This week we had some really special visitors from Circus Kathmandu who were here with Ali Williams. A group of us went to see their show As A Tiger in the Jungle at the REP which was the most touching true story of the three performers that were sold as child slaves into Indian circus. They were rescued and now continue to perform. Their story is completely out of this world, and so distant from the circus we know.