So here is the full story, so far of our journey to a create a circus space for the community of Brummies wanting to get their circus on! 


We wrote our initial proposals to All Saints Community Centre in July 2013 to take over the building and turn it into a circus space. The building was part of the old All Saints Centre and was planned to be demolished. Here is the space from the outside! We have a surprise planned for the front of the building… keep your eyes peeled! 


After presenting to the All Saints Community Development Company board of directors, our proposal was granted permission to go ahead in January 2014. As you can imagine… very much excitement was going on. Here is the building as it has been sitting used as a storage unit. Windows rotted, no electric, holes, pipes, wires… We found two shillings!

After some planning we started fundraising in April 2014. In seven months we managed to raise £7000 to get the work that needed doing to the building underway. Here is the video of the first showcase where we raised  just over £1000 in April ’14.. 

In July 2014 we ran ‘The CircusMASH Challenge’ where community members had four hours to complete a series of circus challenges…. We raised another £700. Here is one of them hanging upside down…


Over  the next few months we ran more events, raffles and a series of fun things to do to raise the rest of our money. We had some very kind donations from our community members and again want to thank everyone that has helped to make this happen.

As September rolled around we started legal process’ to get the building ours… and as we approached December this started to happen…. AT LAST!!!!!!! 

2015-02-10 13.59.46

Work started happening to the building. Some of the building was cleared out so we could have the electrics done. We had a big ‘clean out’ party in January 2015 (You can read the blog post about this here…

2015-01-18 13.21.40

2015-01-18 13.13.46

The rubbish pile outside got bigger and bigger… but the space got emptier and emptier… 

2015-01-18 13.43.56

When the building was empty at the end of January 2015 we thought it was a much needed time for a bit of circus in the new space!

2015-02-06 13.07.02

February 2015 we started taking out the old heating system (which no longer worked) and started getting holes in the walls filled. South Birmingham College construction students started getting involved as part of their qualification to help repair the building, and get everything into a useable state. Homebase in Kings Heath kindly supplied us with materials to help us get the building into a better shape. 


The painting started at the end of February 2015 which brings us to now! 

The next phases of this project are:

1. Finish the painting
2. Cover the ceiling
3. Buff out the floors
4. Find some further funding for other renovations and required materials.
5. Get the circus in
6. Get you lot in

We just can’t wait. Make sure you keep checking back here at our blog to keep up to date with it all. Lets get this circus on!