Hi All,

We hope you are as excited as we are about Operation Circus. Tomorrow is launch day and we want to fill you in on what is going to happen over the next 4 weeks!

Introduction Week
Week One (20th Oct-26th Oct)
Attennntion! During week one we aim to introduce you to this campaign, who we are, our mission to develop circus in the midlands and what we are raising money for.

Why Circus Week
Week Two (27th Oct-2nd Nov) 
Week two we want to answer the question… Why Circus? We’ll be following student stories and letting you know what we have been doing to use our passion to change peoples lives, and why we think Kings Heath is the best place for circus, and how we can use our company to help bring more people together and develop the area.

Game Show Week
Week Three (3rd Nov-9th Nov) You’re in for a treat in week three as we welcome you to gameshow week. There will be 6 games to play, and you are the contestants. The games will be played via Facebook so if you are not already on our page join it here! We welcome a very special celebrity guest in week three… and a very amusing story as to how we came about the celebrity! Stay tuned recruits!

Celebration Week
Week Four (10th Nov-16th Nov)
We haven’t taken a breath since starting CircusMASH to actually celebrate how far we have come. This week is about celebrating not only CircusMASH, but celebrating how amazing Kings Heath is. The amount of new independent business’ that are popping up is great! … and obviously the growth of Birmingham! It’s the best place to be these days.

Join us for our four weeks of fun! It all starts right here…