Hi All,

I’m Joe and I’m one of the two founders at CircusMASH. As you have probably heard I’ve been ranting on about Operation Circus on Facebook for the past three months and I can’t actually believe the time has sped by so fast… we are actually here! I wanted to keep you all up to date on everything that is happening behind the scenes, and to keep myself sane by keeping somewhat of a diary. If you know me, you probably know I don’t know when to stop working so i’m hoping that this blog will help me out! … or maybe add to the load?

Today is launch day, a day that I have been very excited for since June when I met up with a lovely friend in Moseley (…at Damascena- amazing little Moroccan cafe- go if you haven’t already been) who is also one of our very talented community members called Halo.  You may already know her, she likes to knock about on the aerial hoop Tuesday evenings. It was Halo’s idea to run with a Crowd Funder to raise the money we needed, and she offered her time to help plan and organise the campaign! She first taught me how to efficiently manage a project like this (which has been so helpful, and has saved me lots of stress) and has continued to be very supportive and helpful throughout. You can thank her for the amazing campaign message- she has good writing skill! You will also hear Halo’s amazing story in week two ‘Why Circus Week’. Click here to see what the four week campaign has in store. 

The campaign video is out, I’m now going to do my social media stuff, and contact all of the people who are going to help push the campaign and then I need to get to the space to decorate for the party tonight! You’re all invited to the launch at the new space in Kings Heath! 5-10pm… come and have some circus fun with us! We’re having food (Zaq is even making a special spinach and artichoke dip so he says…) They’ll also be music, dancing, performance, workshops and as always lots of love from me & Zaq.

See you tonight! x

New lights for the party…