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We are officially now TWO weeks in. It was two Tuesdays ago that we launched Operation Circus and since then we have had a fab 37 backers and raised just under £2500. We have another two weeks to go, we wanted to update our name and fame list. We want to say a massive thank you … Continue reading DAY 14… NAME & FAME!

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Meet Lizzi! Day 8!

Welcome to Why Circus Week. As promised this week we will be taking you on a journey to learn why we do circus and what effect that this has on our community. This is Lizzi. We met Lizzi when she came to an aerial class in the very early stages of CircusMASH, and then as much … Continue reading Meet Lizzi! Day 8!

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Joe’s Blog- Day 4

Welcome to day four! We’re on £1175! I wanted to update you on our latest commercial and let you in on the making of the commercial and how it came about… and obviously how much fun we had making it! If you haven’t yet seen it, take a look before reading this update! So it … Continue reading Joe’s Blog- Day 4

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Joe’s Blog- DAY 3

Hello All! Day three and I’ve just checked we are on £1140- Wahoooo! I think the rewards are going down a treat and today we added another special one after everyone at the launch party complimented me on my new purple American style jacket! Here is a pic if you fancy getting one for yourself… You … Continue reading Joe’s Blog- DAY 3

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Update on the Space

January 9th 2015

Week one into the new year and it’s all go go go! After 18 months in the making, post fundraising showcases, performances, circus challenges, raffles, competitions, countless support from business’ and community members we have reached our goal to renovate All Saints Centre’s old community hall to become our new home; a space dedicated to the growth of circus in our region… and this week we had our final meeting to prep the last few things before we move into the space. I hope you’re all as excited as we(…)READ MORE

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