Hello circus friends welcome to my blog!

These last 2 weeks we have been working on devising group pieces for different events. We have been choreographing in groups and I personally have helped direct a piece with Joe , we have been working with transferring movements from the floor into the air and keeping it fresh and creative. We have also been playing around with our new theme for our show “not all superheroes wear capes.” As well, we’ve been looking at Christopher Bruce “rooster” and playing around with the movements from that video.

While the rest of BYC (Birmingham Youth Circus) have been doing this I have been busy working on my audition piece and creating videos for abroad applications. So during BYC I have been writing a song to send off and creating material for my solo! I have found this quite challenging but I am pleased with what I have created so far! This year is a big year for me and this is one of my main goals: to create a piece I am proud of!

Thank you for reading guys I hope you enjoyed hearing what we have been up too!

– Annie E Wilson x