I’m starting this blog with a picture of our community! This year we had a record breaking 183 people part of the cast and crew of Dream Cabaret in the community! How did that happen?! As well as the picture below… we had a huge backstage crew!

I can’t quite describe how proud I am of so many people. Our coaches and administration team for continuing to inspire our community to reach for their impossible, for our students for pushing every comfort zone boundary they have, for our parents for being the most supportive and jumping in to help out, our professional and voluntary tech crew for always being there, no matter what hour of the day (or night) it is and of course our wonderful chaperone team who kept everything safe and running smooth backstage.


Just watched Dream Cabaret at Circus MASH. Wonderfully imaginative creative exciting show. Amazing attention to detail with something happening every minute to keep the audience entertained. Well done to all the very talented adults and children involved. Well worth the ticket price.

Jean Findley, Audience Member

What an amazing 4 month experience for our community. To work together, support each other, build new friendships and continuously inspire each other through circus and creativity…adults and youth alike. From our youngest performers right through to aerial nana herself Sarah Easthope. You’ll have to come along to the next Dream Cabaret to learn about dear old Elsie Mash… and the wonderful Kelly (aka Patsy Mash). Saying no more… book tickets for next year! 

This year we brought back adult Cirquestars. A unique adult programme that worked with our adult aerial students to give them a wider performative role within the show. Along side this, our young performers have worked so collaboratively to bring a performance so cohesively together. This testimonial below is from a long time supporter of ours and an amazing multi show CirqueStar! We love you Steff X

My two girls started at Circusmash around 2014,  I joined for 12 weeks of training with Cirquestars in 2017 and was able to perform in an amazing show, Retrograde, with them both. After lockdown both girls had moved on in their lives, but held on to the strength/confidence they had gained through years of training – I hope they might return to circus one day. In September 2023 adult Cirquestars was back and I got to learn hoop. Within 12 weeks, an INCREDIBLE show was put together by the small team with over 100 performers, from tiny children to talented teenagers, adults and professionals. As always the lighting, music and production was amazing. I feel so privileged to have been part of such a fantastic community event.

Steff Affleck

Download a copy of the Dream Cabaret Programme here.

If you didn’t catch this year’s show… watch it here… and we hope that you’ll join us for the live version next time. We’ve included photos below and the playlist of tracks that so many of our audience has asked for. We hope you enjoy. For those of you that loved the soundtrack, we split Dream Cabaret into four seasons.

Here are the spotify soundtrack links (in order) of the show:

Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter.

Enjoy X

… and here are a few more amazing pics! 

Dream way too big and forget not your purpose but live every day like your life is a circus!

Lots of Love always… Joe and the MASH Team X