We are officially now TWO weeks in. It was two Tuesdays ago that we launched Operation Circus and since then we have had a fab 37 backers and raised just under £2500. We have another two weeks to go, we wanted to update our name and fame list. We want to say a massive thank you to ALL people who have donated and are planning to. This really does help us build a bigger and better circus for our community. We are very excited at what the future holds.

A huge thank you to:
Angela Thur
Julia Gross
Frankie Pedley
Allison Bradley
Alisa Waninge
All of Raquel San Gregorio’s friends and family in Spain that have forwarded their monies onto Raquel to donate on their behalf.
Suze Seyer
David Sifford
Cositas Infieltradas
Grace  Richardson-Vokes
Nicky Sunn
Sophie King
Andrew Aston
Claire Gilliam
The whole Penhallurick family
Josie Byrne
Katie Jelly
Pui Pang
Valarie Hampton
Bonnie Melody
Danni Fisher
Steff Affleck
Steve & SJ Wilson
Jo Unwin
Aaron Twitchen
Emma Richardson
Halo Garrity
Jon Garrity
Kate Kavanagh
Liz Tabberer
Megean Mekins
Michelle Diaz
Malcolm Sweet
Raquel San Gregorio
Alice Field
Kirstie B
Astrid Vogit
V Patel
Sarah Yorke