Last week we ran ‘Why Circus’ week. We wanted to let you know why we do circus, and what affect it has on our community! Take a look at this video for more information.

We kicked off by my (Joe) telling my story of why I do circus. I’ve been working in circus now for 12 years and I have witnessed some amazing things. Have a read over a story of a young lad I met in an orphanage about 10 years ago and the amazing change that circus had on him by clicking the link below:

We met a couple of students who’s lives have been changed by circus and the power that it has. Here is Halo’s story. After becoming paralysed from the check bones down Halo was told she was never going to be able to walk again, learn how she not only taught herself to walk, but how to fly…

Lots of people do circus for different reasons. Next, we met Lizzi who came along to class with three of her friends and the circus life took over hers… Listen to her story here:

We’ll also meet Katie over the coming weeks. 16 year old Katie has just been accepted onto the National Centre for Circus Arts’ Centre for Advanced training programme in which they need to meet a minimum of 12 hours per week of training in prep for a future as a circus performer. We’ll post out her story next week.

We love circus, and are so happy that so many people around Birmingham do! Please help support our project to raise £15,000 for a rig for our new circus centre in Kings Heath!